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Due to the novel corona virus disaster Greyscale is closed for business. Feel free to email for more details. Thank you for your continued support, I shall return!

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New Client Haircut - $140
If you are new to Greyscale Salon, we need to get to know each other and establish a direction. This deserves more time and thought. I like to approach hair from a standpoint that looks further into the future: Rather than thinking of what you would like today, let's talk about your ultimate hair related goals.

Within reason, if you could have your hair be whatever you would like, what would that be? I am mostly focused on healthy hair, but I also fully understand the desire to seek out, and artfully execute, classic as well as new styles. The first appointment is more expensive than subsequent appointments because it will take more thought, time, and analyzation. I recommend a "dusting" every eight weeks to ensure that your hair never becomes unkempt; in which the pricing and time frame are less.
Existing Client New Style Haircut - $95
This service is for existing clients who are moving in a new direction with their hair. Cutting off significant length, changing the style indefinitely, or establishing new bangs, among other major changes, fall into this category.

Please describe in your notes what you desire to achieve, and how long you have been considering this change. Still not sure you're ready to take the leap? Schedule a dusting or a consultation and we can talk it through.
Women's Haircut (Dusting) - $84
A woman's haircut, or "dusting", is a current style is intended for female clients that have already had previous services at Greyscale Salon. A dusting includes a shampoo, scalp massage and a blow out. If you are a new client, this deserves additional time to discuss and establish maintainable style, as well as any goals.

Please revert back to the list of services and choose New Client Haircut if you have not seen Caroline before. If you have already had your first or second haircut at Greyscale Salon, this is the appropriate service to schedule.
Dry Cut - $70
No shampoo, no time to waste, just a dust of the current haircut you have by Caroline, and on with your life. This service is NOT for new clients. A New Client appointment must be booked once and fulfilled before you can be eligible to book this service.
Bang Trim - $20
This service is for clients that have existing bangs. If you have never been to Greyscale Salon, please book a New Client Service.
Men's Haircut - $70
A Men's Haircut includes a shampoo, condition and scalp massage. This service is for both new and existing clients, and can take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. I reccomend men maintaining a specific style get haircuts every 6 weeks, and also schedule a clean-up in between each haircut. Lower maintenance haircuts should usually be scheduled anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks.
Men's Clean up - $20
A trim around the neck and the ears should elongate a great haircut a few more weeks.


Single Process Color $190-$250
FOR EXISTING RETOUCH CLIENTS ONLY. i.e. grey coverage, base color retouch, global blonde retouch.
Custom Color Retouch $220-$300
Custom Color retouching is for clients who have already had at least one layer of custom hair painting with Caroline. The service may include a dusting depending on hair density.
New Client Custom Color $330-$400
This is what I like to call, low maintenance color at its finest. This color service is geared towards women that only indulge in color services 1-4 times per year. Beautifully customized to enhance your natural color palette and facial features, you must have at least 3 inches of natural new growth to qualify for this service. The more natural and low maintenance your hair is, the better suited this service is for you.
Mini Custom Color $130-$190 (call for appointment)
This service is for existing clients who have been approved to book this service. This service does not include a blowdry or a dusting.


Bridal Consultation - $80
I can't wait to hear all about your hopes and dreams for this incredible day. I am recently married myself and can speak to a lot of the process. Thank you for choosing my art, I look forward to meeting you!


Consultation - $30
If you feel it neccasary to meet and discuss things prior to any service at Greyscale Salon, I encourage you to do so. Hair is our most worn accessory and security for a lot of us. I take hair very seriously and would love to meet with you before your service, if need be.
Braid $40-$80
Braids are great for athletics, also elegant and fresh for any regular day. Braids can last one day or four, depending on what style you are seeking, and how you take care of the style. The best part is, you'll be sure to have beautiful waves whenever you do decide to take it down.
Occasion/Up-do - $100
For whatever the Occasion may be, bring pictures or none, this service generally includes a hot tool set and bobby pins. Classical or creative, be the bell of the ball.
Blow Out - $60
A Blow Out includes a shampoo, condition, scalp massage and a round brush style. Please Schedule a New Client service if you have never been to Greyscale Salon.


Property Showing - $0 (call for appointment)
Lets flex our looking muscles! Very rarely is the first place you see the right fit, although there are always exceptions. The more you look the more you know; the better you are able to tell if a property is the right one to pursue.

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